About Us

Micro Mobiles is a trusted name when it comes to no credit check mobile phones in the UK today. Our mission is simple. We exist in order to help customers with bad credit avail of affordable and suitable phone contracts. We cater to anyone and everyone who has ever struggled to get approved for a mobile phone contract. With our wide selection of handsets and phone tariffs, Micro Mobiles guarantees every customer to find what they need without worrying about outright disapproval. Because there is no credit checks involved, approval is almost always guaranteed for our customers.

As a leading online portal for people with bad credit, Micro Mobiles has helped numerous consumers with bad credit since the website was started. We strive to continue to do what we do best with the help of our dedicated specialists and experts. Backed with our solid track record and customer ratings, we promise to hook you up to the best phone contract plan no matter your credit score rating. Best of all, we guarantee fast and easy approval granted that you meet our basic requirements and eligibility criteria.